Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What do ya know,

Seems everyone liked my last minute entry and I got first place! Cool, Since it was a self portrait that means my 'mug' has be immortalized in the CSLR challange site. That makes just Matt and Mama that are not in a winning image.
Time to think of a challenge

Monday, July 21, 2008


With less than 24hours left, I submit my entry into the 124th CSLR Challenge. Wanted to keep my misses to a minimum. (Think I missed 2 so far) Anyway, had a bit of fun with this one, since the topic was 'Many Me' and composites were encouraged, I did a little parody of 'the evolution of man' with 'D' Evolution - Rise of the 'Chimp' - I guess the 'D' could be the D series camera I shot with or just the digital camera in general. I was fun getting back into the photoshop stuff again.
Now if I can kick start myself back into posting more often.