Friday, October 22, 2010

Retro Camera

 Found an Interesting app for my Android Phone. I usually don't like heavily processed photos that are canned but this adds some dimension to the typical cell phone photo. It has several effects which are suppose to replicate several toy cameras I never really heard. I can't comment on how representative the final picture is to the camera it's supposed to be replicating but who cares as long as you like the effect and the border it creates. In typical mobile app fashion you can pay for the app or get an ad supported one for free.  

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another reason for RAW

Morning's first light, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Just found another plus for shooting raw. I recently upgraded to Lightroom 3 which has a couple new twists in it's raw processing engine one of my favorites recently has been it's noise reduction. The above image was shot at ISO1600 on my 1DmkII which left it quite noisy. I felt the noise distracted from the peaceful mood I was trying to set with the image and it was cast aside in my original culling. But after seeing what LR3 could do I pulled this image up and turned that noise into a silky smooth tones, added a nice under exposure gradient at the top of the image and now I have the image that sets the mood I was going for but couldn't execute back then. Nice. Software is always advancing and it's neat to take old images and breath new light into them.