Monday, February 27, 2012

XD Problems - It's always the little things...

I remember a friend that used to race buggies in Baja always would say how it was always the little things that put him out of the race, never had a problem with the engine or blowing out tires but a stupid little 5 cent bolt that broke and left him stranded.
Well this was exactly what happened to Ryan in this year's Spring Steel match, 8 stages and I think his gun only ran one of them without a malfunction. Initially, I thought he was just so use to the 1911 he'd been shooting for the last several months that he wasn't letting up on the trigger enough to reset but after I told him he would deliberately take is finger off the trigger to assure it went forward enough and still nothing. His trigger was definitely failing to reset intermittently. We took it into the safety area several times to check it out but never could find anything wrong.
It wasn't until my drive home today from work that I had the 'Aha moment' and I figured it out. I remembered showing him how the trigger worked in the XD and noticed that the over travel screw wasn't adjusted properly and at the time didn't think much of it until I realize that if the screw backed up far enough it would hit the magazine which would prevent it from resetting - we never saw this because magazines aren't allowed in the safety area. But I confirmed this was the case as soon as I got home. Yep a stupid little 2 cent screw stopped Ryan from putting any sort of performance together for the match.