Wednesday, November 11, 2009

S90 Out in the wild

One of my longest followed blogs, Luminous-Landscapes, reviewed the S90. Now, the S90 is one camera I've been waiting for. It's not a large sensor in small camera but it is a small sensor in a really small camera. So far, the big sensor, small cameras out there - EP1, GF-1, GH-1, etc. etc. are still too big in my mind. If you can't put it in your shirt pocket and have to carry on a strap like a normal camera, then, you should pack a normal camera...
Now the S90 is really a shirt pocket-able camera, but is it the one I've been waiting for? Well, the review really was positive on the size, user interface and IQ(sort of) - it appears that IQ , even with that great G11 sensor with improved high ISO noise, still acts like a small camera sensor - and starts getting noisy at ISO 400 and above.
Disappointing. If it were cheaper I might still go for it but at $500 I think I'm sticking with my G9 as my travel cam and keep waiting....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Horror

Not so fast., originally uploaded by photogeek21.

A little outdoor off camera flash work for Halloween shots of the kids. Got to use my shoot through umbrella for the first time. Think it worked out pretty well, I like that I was able to capture a bit of the sunset color in the backround as the kids are at the age where they've put up with alot of posing for Dad over the years and aren't too patient with me anymore so it teaches me be quick with the setup and shoot.