Friday, February 20, 2009

CSLR Challenge 139: Results

Head n Hands, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Well 'Shadow Detail' came in 10th. But the follow up shots I took for the challenge where I was just playing around with my fisheye lens did much better. 'Head n Hands' placed 3rd and got some traction on flickr as well. Surprising since it had my ugly mug in the shot...

Technology is awsome.

Still getting to know my 5DMkii, took a couple of shots around the house. Here's a shot of Matthew shot at night in the bedroom with a single light on in the other corner of the room at ISO3200. Man, this just blows my mind. With my 10D I wouldn't think of going over ISO800, My 1DMkii, I'd go ISO1600 if I had to but this shot blows those out of the water.
Like I said, I'm still getting to know this camera, but the more I shoot with it, the more I love it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flash+Fisheye+Full Frame = Fun

The Thinker
Playing with this combination for a recent CSLR challenge and got some cool results. Going full frame was like getting a whole new bag of lenses! Never realized how wide 17mm was and now my fisheye properly covers 180 degrees!
Never thought of using a fisheye for a portrait but I figured since I was shooting a picture of me, I might as well make it as distorted as possible to distract from subject :)
Stopping down the 15mm fisheye really creates some extreme DOF - from my toes which are just inches from the lens to the clouds behind me - cool.

Friday, February 6, 2009

CSLR Challenge 139: Making of a Creative Self Portrait

2008 was a great year for my photography, I learned alot off the web and really tried to be consistent in getting out and shooting and doing the CSLR challenges - Even won a few. But starting a new job at the end of the year really put my camera back in the bag - Even a new 5Dmkii wasn't enough to get me going - man work sucks!
After a long hiatus, I finally get my first CSLR entry of 2009 with a composite black and white image, which, after finishing and posting it, I admit seems to rip off of the Debeer's Commercial. Oh well, it was fun getting back into the creative process. And just in case anyone is curious as how this shot is done...