Monday, November 19, 2007

My latest entry

20071120-Backlight-42-2.jpg, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Haven't done product shots in a long time, so I took this weeks CSLR challenge of 'Backlight' to experiment with some strobes backlighting trough some Home Depot pegboard.

This was also the first time I used a gel on my flash. Think it came out OKAY. I still think it's missing something, just don't know what.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First run with the 'Big Gun'

Shoot my first game with my new toy, the Canon 300mm 2.8L. Man is it a beast, luckily I already had a monopod that I and been using with my 300mmF4L IS so that helped a lot.
The lens, even with the Monopod was a bear to handle on the field, I could really see the motion in the viewfinder as I tracked subjects but wide open in the Arizona Daylight I was shooting about 1/5000s @ISO 200 which should be more than enough to counter act any camera motion.
Now I knew this lens was sharp ( I rented one a year or so ago) but looking at my images of the day I was still floored by the resolving power of this lens. Check out the shot below:

Heres the full image of one of the shots I took that day, even in the lightroom grid view I could tell that the images were more 'crisp' that those of my F4, zooming in I could really notice the resolving power of this lens - check it out.
This is a 100% crop of the image above, There are some .jpg artifacts that occurred in the conversion process, but you can still see the eyelashes in the runner (raw looks even better) I used to thing it was amazing to see the writing on the football in a shot, now I can read the fine print of the warning labels that are on the back of each of the helmets the boys wear.
Needless to say I am very pleased with the images this lens produced. Was it worth it? Jury's still out there - the cost (even used) is hard to swallow - especially since I already have the F4 version. But buyers remorse soon wears off and once it does the only thing I'll know about is how awesome this lens is.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

B&W mood

fall yucca, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Another shot in the same day? Must have really put off the chores this weekend... But I couldn't resist shooting the yucca thats blooming in our front yard. I wanted a lot of detail so I used my sharp 50mm 1.8 and shot close and made this image with a composite of 2 images. 16 mega pixels - I hoping to print this life size (approx 4ft tall)

B&W conversion done with Adobe Lightroom - I really love the control you get in light room with the tone curves and the HSL sliders. I think the conversion is what makes this picture work.

Photo Entry

littlethings, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Well, I said I was going to do it and I did. Here's my first try at getting back in the CSLR challenge. I hope I can keep it up this time and get my creative 'juices' flowing.

Friday, November 2, 2007

1st Place On Any Given Morn* by Barry photo - CSLR Challenge photos at

1st Place On Any Given Morn* by Barry photo - CSLR Challenge photos at

I just stumbled across my first entry in a photo contest (which I happened to take 1st!). I think I need to get serious again make a serious effort to use the the CSLR Challenge as an assignment generator and see how creative I can get with it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Life is too short for 'Snapshots'

20071101-Halloween-2, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

More 'Strobist' work. This time with one flash to the left of me on a stand with a 45" silver umbrella and the other behind Aly on the ground lighting here backside and the tree. Still to chicken to take them off ETTL and now PWs so I'm triggering with a ST-E2. I'm loving flash photography now in ways I've never thought possible before - Thanks Strobist!