Thursday, May 17, 2007

CS3 Install what a nightmare!

$1500 in CS3 Web Premium software and it crashes on install! Started researching on the web and found this to be a common thing... Yes, I tried installing as an Administrator. Yes, I tried running MSCONFIG and selective startups, regedits, etc. Still no success. For a company like Adobe to ask this much money for an app and have it's installer be such a piece of crap is just plain inexcusable. So I'm down to my last resort - a fresh install of Win XP Pro. It appears to have worked, So now I can spend the next several days installing all the drivers, other apps and patches that were working just fine before I bought CS3...Thanks Adobe

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Chat with Loyd

Talking with Loyd, and he says LLC is the way to go as a sole proprietor. Recommends Arizona Corporation Commission as a good source for the 'play by play' to get started.
Also declarations are cheapest to publish in the Gila Bend newspaper.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Some Ideas to be different

I think I can provide a couple extra touches for the sports photo site by providing some photo manipulation to the customer that isn't typical for the others out there: (Hence Premium Pricing)
  • Sports Panos - Highly compress porportions of an entire Baseball field
  • Composites - like ry's moto jump and Elaina's pitch
  • Posters - ie: Rider of the year
  • Mag covers: sports illustrated.

Gotta Name - So I'm gonna do it.

Okay I'm gonna do it. Gonna start a couple web buisnesses based on my hobby. The intent isn't to get rich by any means but hopefully it will supplement a portion of my expensive hobby.
The first project will be a sports photo site based on the Exposure Manager platform - gotta cool name for it to (yea I dreaming of a MKIII!) This site will basically sell the photo's I take of the kids sports teams I will start taking more shots of both teams and hand out cards or where a tee shirt with the web address on it.
The second is based off of utilizing the large format Epsons Cas has hooked me up with right now gonna name it Here I'm gonna speciallize on artistic photo manipulation and canvas and fine art prints since these are where the other sites out there get a premium.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Don't worry honey, it was just me - Whew!

Whew, I was all worried that my mighty 1d had failed me and started backfocusing. The test I used for my 10d several years ago was flawed, apparrently the focus target is too small for the sensors to get an accurate lock on. A freind that I gave the lens to to test on his MkII told me he got better results from the test shown above. ( And once I printed it out - so did I!


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What the F@#% !??

After shooting some indoor low light work with the MkII and my 24-70 2.8L, I noticed a disturbing trend my subjects were out of focus and the background was in! Could it be? My dream camera backfocusing like my measley 10d did when I first got this lens?

Just to be sure I gave the lens to a friend with a MkIIn and he got the spot on sharp test results. Arrgh! off to the shop goes my rig...