Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gotta Name - So I'm gonna do it.

Okay I'm gonna do it. Gonna start a couple web buisnesses based on my hobby. The intent isn't to get rich by any means but hopefully it will supplement a portion of my expensive hobby.
The first project will be a sports photo site based on the Exposure Manager platform - gotta cool name for it to (yea I dreaming of a MKIII!) This site will basically sell the photo's I take of the kids sports teams I will start taking more shots of both teams and hand out cards or where a tee shirt with the web address on it.
The second is based off of utilizing the large format Epsons Cas has hooked me up with right now gonna name it Here I'm gonna speciallize on artistic photo manipulation and canvas and fine art prints since these are where the other sites out there get a premium.
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