Sunday, March 2, 2008

CSLR Challenge 114 Entry

So again I'm squeezing in a last minute entry in the CSLR Challange. This time around the Challenge is 'Centered Composition' - which I think I got here, but I don't think this diamond framing is working for me. Thought it'd be clever to tilt the composition but guess not. Not a whole lot new going in in this one as far as technique goes. - Well, I did use a ladder to take the shot. Exposed ambient for 2 stops under exposure and used a tight flash to light Aly's face and hands and make it 'glow' (I did apply some 'soft-focus' PP).

I clamped the flash on the ladder and triggered it with a set of Cactus V2s. Need to hack them I did'nt notice any false fires but I had about 20% no-fires! And I was only 3ft away! Gonna try the antenna hack and see if that helps.
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