Sunday, December 1, 2013

SIG SAUER 516 Patrol Rifile - POF drop in trigger to the rescue


Last year I picked up a Sig Sauer 516 patrol rifle off the prize table at the Superstition Mystery Mountanin 3 gun match. With it's 16" barrel I figured I'd turn it into a lightweight carbine which my son Ryan could use to shoot Tac Iron class. 
First impressions were very good, while the big news on the upper is its gas piston operation, the lower had some nice touches like large ambi mag releases, an oversized bolt release/lock buttons, and a setscrew under the grip which applies tension against the upper to give the rifle a nice solid, one piece feel. One thing that immediately stood out on this rifle was how absolutely horrible the trigger was. It wasn't excessively heavy but it was terribly notchy and felt as if they used a hacksaw to cut the sear - any long range stages would not be fun with this trigger.
Instead of breaking out the polishing stones, I elected to take the easy way out and install a POF drop in trigger system - 10 minutes after I started I had a 4.5lb trigger with a sweet, crisp, single stage break. The POF trigger also came with KNS anti walk pins which are a real premium touch. This is exactly the kind of setup I'd expect for the $2000 Sig charges for these rifles.

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