Saturday, February 8, 2014

The joy of writing

I've kept a technical journal ever since graduating and getting  real job some 27 yeas ago. I started with cheap mead comp books and eventually moved to moleskine leather bound journals as I advanced in my career and I needed something a bit more 'professional'.
One thing that was pretty consistent through this time was my use of rollerball pens as my writing instrument. While I liked nice pens, I usually used whatever my company had in the supply cabinet. Well, I just burned through the entire inkwell of a Pilot Varsity, which was my first experience with a fountain pen and boy, am I hooked! Thick, super inky black lines and a writing experience that is sooo smooth. Ink flows with little to no pressure as if the pen is actually gliding over the paper. Like so many things in this modern era, we've exchanged classic designs for convenience and low cost. The fountain pen is one of those things that has been lost in that shuffle, I for one am glad I rediscovered it. I'm just disappointed that I didn't do so years ago.

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