Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Getting ready for Fall Sports

Well with the final touches to, I'm finally fairly happy with it's layout and can turn my attention to getting ready for the first game of the Fall season. My daughter is the first up with U9 soccer. I've usually used the 70-200F4L for her soccer games but it looks like their playing a full size field now so I'll be packing my 300F4ISL. Haven't decided if I'm going to schlep both lenses around - I could put the 70-200 on my 10D body but I think that would put me over the top on the GEEK-O-METER! Maybe I'll just swap lenses.
After putting a full charge on the MkII batteries - actually I used the 'refresh' button for the first time since getting the camera and getting all my CF cards ready. ( I've never shot both sides of a game before so I imagine I'm going to burn up the megabytes on the field), I found myself with too much idle time on my hands infront of the computer and started looking at some more things I needed. One thing I don't have that every sports photographer should is a solid support for my big, white lens. After the some research I found the FEISOL 1741 a carbon fiber Gitzo knock off that got pretty good reviews. I know, I always rant about Chinese knock offs but I was blinded by the $99 price tag, roughly 1/3 less than the Gitzo. ( I'm saving my pennies for a real Gitzo tripod and Really Right Stuff's ballhead, which combined is almost a grand! - I know, still no excuse...) Anyway, I 'Paypal'd them the money and I'm waiting for my pod. Hope I get it before Ryan's first Tackle football game next week.
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