Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ISO 25,000 ???!!!

Just got done listening to the the latest episode of Inside Digital Photo Radio, their guest, Vincent Versace, was talking about the new Nikon D3 and he shared a couple things I haven't read about this camera before...
ultralow noise at high iso (says ISO4000 looks like ISO200), an a max ISO setting of over 25,000, 7,000 frames off of one set of batteries, twin CF slots that support UDMA transfer (read: fast!) can use both full frame lenses and their 1.6x crop lenses (automatically crops in viewfinder), intelligent scene and color detection (would speak much more on this one)

Man, with the new lenses that Nikon just released, this really makes this Canon user green with envy - I may have to hold off on the MkII decision till I see some side-by-side comparisons.
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