Sunday, December 2, 2007

CSLR challenge entry #4

20071202-Skate-27-Edit.jpg, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Keeping up with the CSLR challenge thing and doing my best to try something new with each entry. Here Ryan was patient enough to let me work the lighting. We had to work fast to take advantage of the cloudy sky ( a real rarity in Arizona)
The topic was 'Wide and Low' so I set Ryan up on a pony wall and used a clamping ballhead to support the camera at 'wheel level' - pretty sweet little clamp - its a Sinar View Camera mount so it had no problem keeping my MkII solidly supported.
Worked this one with two off camera strobes set to manual. The 'Master' strobe was triggered via sync cord and the second was using the Canon wireless slave mode. Don't know why I didn't use my ST-E2 I guess I'm not that confident in its operation outdoors.
I did do some Post Processing to get the Hyperfocal length, f16 wasn't enough so I focus bracketed and blended the images to get everything sharp.

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