Thursday, December 6, 2007

Technique a week (TaW): #1 Soft Focus.

Here's one of learned from Chris Orweg, a Photoshop guru. It's a way to simulate the classic soft focus effect typically done through filters or special lenses in the past. It's pretty simple:
  1. duplicate your main image layer
  2. apply a Gaussian blur
  3. the use either a 'lighten' or 'darken' blend mode to the layer
  4. This will typically be way to harsh an effect so adjust opacity to taste.
This example I used the 'Lighten' Blend mode
Origninal Image (Click to Enlarge)

After (Click to Enlarge)

The effect should be suttle I may have applied a little too much in this photo - notice the soft focus on the highlights of Aly's hair and the flowers in the background. (tough to see on the thumbnail above, click to see a higher rez version where the effect is more apparent) I like it, I've learned it, I'll promise not to abuse it!
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