Friday, September 11, 2009

Combining interests...

New Toy, originally uploaded by photogeek21.

Well, as you can probably guest from this picture my other interest involves firearms. Yea, I'm totally hooked on Action Pistol shooting. (one of the reasons my blogging dropped off this year is I upped attention on practice and range time and so when I acquired my new 'toy' here, I had to immortalize it in a 'strobist' style photo while it was still all new and pretty.
The shot turned out to be harder that I thought. As cool looking as I think my blaster looks, it's really hard to get it 'posed' right and to get a dramatic perspective. Man, all those gun magazines make it look so easy. In the end, it took a couple gels on the a strobe to give it the cold blue steel look that I liked, also set it for some extreme side lighting to enhance the contours of the pistols.
And for those interested, it's a custom built, competition 6" STI 2011 built by Benny Hill of Triangle Shooting Sports. Buying it is one of the main reasons this blog isn't called 'mkIIIshooter'....

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